What are your rental prices?
1 day - $75
2 days - $150
3 days $200
5 days $300
10 days $400
Do you require a security deposit ?
A security deposit of $2000 is required for each tent rented.The deposit will be refunded within 5 days after the tent is returned in satisfactory condition, less any deductions for damages or non-returns. This is to ensure our tents are returned 
What sort of weather can the tents stand up to?
We have put these tents through their paces, we've been caught out in big high country storms and heavy snow. As long as the tents are well anchored down, they can withstand some impressive storms. This inst guaranteed, however, we are very confident in these tents.
Can I collect the tent to save on shipping?
Yes, we have a store in Addington, Christchurch
How many people can fit in the tent?
The tent will comfortably house 4 people for dinner and as a communal area, 6 can fit in at a squeeze for shelter. It will sleep 2 comfortably and 3 at a squeeze ( on stretchers )
How long does it take to assemble?
We have erected these tents many times, we can have it erected and fully pegged down in around 15-20 mins, allow up to 30 for 1st time users.
How much does the tent weigh
The tent weighs about 40kg in total
What sort of care and maintenance does my canvas tent require?
Check this blog, it covers everything